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Short term childcare in Surbiton

Surbiton Sitters provides dependable short term childcare for your little ones in Surbiton, the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames and across South West London.
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When you choose Surbiton Sitters, your child is our responsibility

Hi, welcome to Surbiton Sitters!

I hope you find what you are looking for on the site.

A bit about me and Surbiton Sitters:
I started Surbiton Sitters when my little girl (Maxine) was about 6 months old. I looked after some friends children, fetched them from nursery when the trains were late, had them for the day when they were ill, etc. Then friends of friends asked for help, more people heard about me, and so my network grew. I LOVED IT!

And slowly I increased the amount I worked and the number of children I cared for. Someone asked me in January 2015 what my business was called.... SURBITON SITTERS it became. 

I felt that the world of childcare was so impersonal, rigid, and here I am giving my story on a website rather than in person. Faceless, impersonal, inflexible.  I realised that there were so many working parents out there who literally just needed an extra pair of hands with their child from time to time. Nothing fancy, nothing formal, just another caring person to fill in when needed. 

There are loads of permanent nannies, childminders, nurseries, etc as options for childcare, but outside of those days or hours... nothing. So I decided to be the one to stand out and provide ad hoc care only. 

I soon became really busy and had to look at adding people to assist me... daunting! Instead of doing a recruitment drive, I decided to call on nannies I had met in the park / who worked for friends. I have built my whole team that way. We are a close-knit team who also just get along. We have things in common and are likeminded. Most of them are way more experienced than me, which I massively respect and value. 

I adore meeting new little people and having to find out what makes them "tick" quickly. I am hands on with this business - I do full time ad hoc nannying and babysitting everyday. I also cover the pregnancy on-call service as well as doing wedding and event sitting. (If you haven't yet realised - I love what I do).
As a small business I still am the person who does a lot of the admin, marketing, networking, day to day functions as well, however I have now acquired the most amazing team to assist me with all that's needed for this ever-changing, ever-growing business.

Other agencies charge registrations and memberships, I decided not to. They also have minimum booking times, we don't. They are limited in the services they provide - we hope to provide all the care you need. 
Other agencies also make their nannies and sitters contract in order to not pay benefits, holidays, pensions, etc for their agency staff. Legal - yes, moral - not in my opinion. So all the sitters are on my payroll, are my employees and they have sick pay, tax paid, national insurance, holiday pay, etc. I love my team, and I know if I look after them, I'll retain them. You'll notice the difference in the care they provide.

My worst fear is that someone who really needs help with their childcare is too afraid to call. Please do! I'm happy to have a chat and see if we can help.

Good luck in your search, it's such a personal decision finding the right person to care for your child/ren.


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Short term childcare

Why choose Surbiton Sitters?

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Not everyone needs full-time childcare.  Work from home?  Have a changing schedule?  Or only need a nanny for a night to get some sleep?  Our team at Surbiton Sitters can give you short term childcare in and around Surbiton.
  • Entirely flexible to suit your needs
  • Friendly and qualified staff
  • Available at a moment's notice, day or night
  • No minimum booking time
  • No registration fees
  • No memberships
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Feel confident about leaving your child with Surbiton Sitters
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